Letter from Maester Vyman

My Lord Cragrose,

It is the sincerest wish of our Lord Tully to both congratulate you on the glory won for your House in the war against the Greyjoys, and grieve with you over the loss of your father and brother in that same fighting. We can trust only in the healing power of the Mother and the passage of time to assuage your grief.

However, it has come to the attention of our Lord Tully that all is not well in your holdings, particularly in the town of Fairmarket. Some of your own smallfolk have made the perilous journey from Fairmarket to our Lord’s seat here in Riverrun to seek relief and protection from the crime in strife in your town. We will not accept this harm to our smallfolk in our own lands, and hold our Lords bannermen to the same standard.

Our Lord Tully is well aware of the corruption of your previous Maester, and applauds your decisive action in that matter. Still, it falls on your young shoulders to protect and provide justice to your smallfolk. The right of Pit and Gallows falls heavily, and must be taken seriously. To aid you in your time of difficulty, our Lord Tully commands you give welcome and guest right to his leal servant, Varren. He will serve you well, but take care to give weight to his advice. From the time of his arrival to your lands, you have six months’ time to resolve the issues plaguing your holdings. If the situation is not resolved by the, our Lord Tully may must needs consider removing your holdings.

It is our Lord’s wish that the matter not deteriorate to this point. Our Lord Tully also suggests that you consider expanding your holdings outside of your immediate area, Varren may have valuable advice to this end as well. Finally, as you are the last of the line for House Cragrose, you must needs seek out a suitable marriage to secure your House as quickly as possible.

May the Seven keep you,

Maester Vyman, servant of House Tully

Letter from Maester Vyman

House Cragrose, Ascendant Kylearan