Recent Events

After the death of Lord Cragrose and his firstborn son Merin, the Maester Kradok “helped” the new lord of the castle the boy Haadok to manage the estate. The Maester quickly saw an opportunity and began to line his own pockets from the lords coffers. The young lord was distracted by his grief and threw himself into his martial training and the training of his house troops. This continued for the next six years. Emboldened by his succsess the Maester continued to take more money and more risks with his goverence of the lands until the missmanagment and avarice became clear.

When he was finally discovered he was unceremoniously tossed off the parapets of the House Cragrose seat. Or was he?

Recently, Lord Haakon and friends put down a peasant rebellion.

The day after the peasant rebellion was also eventful. Lord Haakon’s forces were able to capture a few of the Oldtown Boys trying to flee Fairmarket, and learned a great deal about the threats facing House Cragrose.

Recent Events

House Cragrose, Ascendant Kylearan