Ilara Sibani

A mysterious Waterdancer from the Free Cities.


Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 120 Lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Age: early-mid 20’s
- Ilara is a cute, somewhat mousy athletic woman with a slim build and subtle curves. She is quick and nimble with a somewhat delicate appearence. She is usually dressed in her dark gray fencer’s jacket and can often be seen with her matched pair of short sword on her hips. If not dressed for combat she looks somewhat harmless.

Known Qualities
Water Dancer

Notable Equipment
- 2 Matching Small Swords
- Fencing Jacket
- Stiletto
- Throwing knives
- Fiddle
- Garrond “Tye”


Ilara Sibani is a mysterious adventurer from the Free City of Lorath though she admits to also having been in Braavos as well. Trained by her father, the famed Water Dancer Carlo Sibani, Ilara is talented in many ways. It would also seem that she is well-educated as well.

She served as a bodyguard and companion to Lady Elira Wyl of Dorne for some time. Lady Elira’s flamboyant style and noted rebeliousness no-doubt encouraged development of similar traits in Ilara. They did become fast friends.

Ilara traveled to the Riverlands in search of information of a private nature. She has not revealed these motivations as of yet. Certain events had brought Ilara to the attention of Lord Cragrose. He has seen fit to make her one of his advisors.

Small sword

Ilara Sibani

House Cragrose, Ascendant gameweaver