House Cragrose, Ascendant

The night of fire

A visitor from lord Tully named Verren Winderlie arrived bearing a letter for Lord Cragrose. His message was quite simple: get your shit together or get out of town. Verren relayed to the lord that he was instructed to assist him in this endeavor in whatever way he needed. While the two nobles discussed the problems they smelled smoke and quickly ascertained that there was some trouble afoot in the town. The Lord Cragrose gathered his men and rushed into the frey quickly defeating the peasant rebels that were attacking the town garrison. The lord then sent his new man Verren out to gather information from the captured peasants.

As Lord Cragrose patrolled Fairmarket looking for members of a unit of archers, he happend upon Septon Maleck Stone, entering the town from the East Gate. Lord Cragrose welcomed him to Fairmarket and extended an invitation to guest at the castle. The good Septon immediately set to tending the wounded with his 4 initiates that followed him to Fairmarket. Only time will tell if he can bring the light of the Seven to Lord Cragrose and his holdings.

Meanwhile, Lord Cragrose’s right hand woman, Ilara easily brought back a few of the archers for close questioning. It was revealed that the revolt was instigated by some criminal element, calling itself the Oldtown Boys. Further investigation revealed that a Lietenant of the Oldtown Boys who was busy intimidating the peasants into revolt was going by the name “Carlos,” a name of some import to Ilara.



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