House Cragrose, Ascendant

A Day of Revelations

The Maester, The Smith, and The Dream

Ilara’s interrogation of the captives revealed a great deal about the Oldtown Boys. Running through the captives from the revolt the day before, she found they mostly operate near the docks of Fairmarket. Their most profitable rackets include girls, numbers (gambling), and protection, with some smuggling as well. It seems that the recent peasant’s revolt served as cover; something was smuggled into Fairmarket, in a smallish chest. The ship’s captain that carried the cargo is in Lord Haakon’s custody … he is unfortunately unconscious after resisting arrest.

Returning to the castle, Lord Haakon noticed something had fallen from the Maester’s head on the battlements. Removing the head, he had it inspected by Septon Stone. The head of the Maester turned out to be that of a decoy … a traitorous decoy who got nothing less than what was deserved, but a decoy nonetheless. The treacherous Maester is still at large; Verren realized that the Oldtown Boys might be referring to the city of the Citadel, and not some old section of Fairmarket.

Seraph, a wandering blacksmith, made his way to Fairmarket after completing his Master’s Piece during his apprenticeship in King’s Landing. As it turns out Seraph has a most distinctive heritage, and is likely to attract a bit of notice, wherever he goes. He is resting from his journey from King’s Landing at an inn near the docks.

After the excitement of the day was over, Lord Haakon resigned himself to a well-earned rest. It was not meant to be. An ominous dream, apparently sent from the Old Gods and New gave the Lord Cragrose a choice of boon. He chose to that granted by Mother and Maiden, a happy marriage and healthy children, with a son to be his heir. The dream inspired a midnight ride with his guard, to find a weirwood in the hills to the northeast, a face carved looking down on Fairmarket. A heart tree, but a few leagues away. Perhaps this domain bears exploration …



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