House Cragrose, Ascendant

Brigands and Blackguards

Cragrose rides to battle!

Brief catch up – will edit more.

Where we’re at now:

Lord Cragrose may well add to his holdings, if he can claim the wilderness to the northeast of Fairmarket. There’s apparently an ancient ring fort ruin, discovered during last night’s midnight ride, with a massive weirwood at the peak. As it turns out, some force of brigands has made its residence in this unclaimed land. Lord Cragrose, with the majority of his Power, has ridden forth on a mission of justice and vengeance to root them out.

Ilari and Lord Verren Winderlie delve into the secrets of Lord Cragrose’s former Maester, who apparently isn’t quite as dead as previously thought. What is he plotting, with his Oldtown Boys, and the mysterious chest smuggled into town during the recent unrest? They hope to solve this mystery while the might of Cragrose rides to glory.



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