The young Lord Cragrose, rebuilding a fallen House.

Many thought that House Cragrose would not survive the loss of Lord and Heir in the fighting with the Greyjoys on Pyke. The new Lord of Cragrose won glory and honour by rallying his failing troops to help Robert smash through the last defenses, crushing the Grejoy Rebellion. For his troubles, he was feasted by Robert’s host, and sent packing to a new battle: to quell rampant crime and near-rebellion, all thanks to the corrupt Maester left as Steward while young Haakon came of age.

The cramped town of Fairmarket along the Trident takes up the majority of House Cragrose’s holdings. The overstressed town struggles to cope with the overcrowded conditions. What was once a thriving marketplace is hampered by rampant bands of thugs, extorting those merchants that remain.

Lord Cragrose must secure new allies and leal servants, or face the end of his floundering House.

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House Cragrose, Ascendant

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